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Every Life Deserves Quality Care.

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Hear more about what we are doing on this episode of the The Next Big Thing! Take a look at what we are working on and how people are reacting on by Clicking Here.

How Can I Invest?

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Please reach out directly though LinkedIn. Reference this website please. We are always interested in a good conversation and meeting good people.

Team of Healthcare Workers and Businesspeople

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Why Invest with Revelare?

  • GAN (Global Accelerator Network) certified incubator program. Why is this important? Because it means experienced professionals who have launched hundreds of tech start-ups have guided us and held us accountable throughout the process of bringing this to market.
  • Experience- We have over 35 combined years in the healthcare industry of outperforming larger organizations with larger budgets and beating their click through rates by magnitudes.

  • Testing - We don't think we know what our customers are looking for, we know because we have tested the message, the content, and even the names of the websites.
  • Make a Difference- Right now trust in Healthcare is at an all time low. We are helping patients build confidence in the physicians they are seeing. Part of our Investor mission is to help you get a generous return on your investment, while making a difference for our fellow citizens of the world.

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Be Part of the Solution!

  • Trust- We are helping repair trust in the medical communities by showing patients and future patients easy to read and understand physician information from trusted sources. Why is this essential for the future of healthcare?
    • When patients trust physicians they are more likely to follow medical advice.
    • When patients follow medical advice, they are more likely to have a good outcome.
    • Having a trusted platform where patients can share good experiences helps attract more patients.
  • Patient Experience- Every life deserves quality care. Our goal is to make it simple.


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